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While we make the utmost effort to stick with our promise for you to be able to courier anything (and we pretty much do allow anything) through EKART Courier, regulation and operational challenges prevent us from carrying some items which we rather unfondly call contraband.

Our highly trained wishmasters are instructed to reject contraband items at the time of pick-up. We request you to respect the wishmasters' decision and not coerce them to carry such items. In the rare case that contraband items do slip through their ever watchful eyes, we may employ advanced screening methods in our hubs - if contraband is detected at this stage, we will return the item back to you. In these cases, there will be no refund of charges so you’ve been forewarned!

We regret that we cannot carry any of the following items:

  • Any item > 10 kg volumetric weight, with max dimensions of 70cm x 50cm x 50cm (LxBxH)
  • Food items such as sweets, sauce, pickle (achar), medicines of any kind, staples (eg. foodgrains, pulses, flour etc.), nutrition, vitamins and protein supplements, bakery & baking essentials, edible oil & ghee, beverages and liquids of any kind. The only food items allowed are nuts, dry fruits, ready to cook & eat packaged food, noodles & pasta (uncooked), snacks & nibbles, spices, condiments, chocolates, breakfast mixes and cereals, jams & spreads, and canned food.
  • LEDs, LCDs, plasma, OLED and any kind of television screens
  • Microwave, water purifiers, geysers, RO's
  • All the products of Fragile material such as bone china, porcelain, thin wood, plaster of paris, glass etc.
  • Liquid products of any volume
  • Livestock, perishables, live plants
  • Flammable items (fire crackers, oil cans, adhesives, paint cans)
  • Explosives (arms, ammunition, fireworks, flares, gunpowder, airbag inflators)
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Platinum, gold, silver, artificial jewelry, precious metals in any form including bricks
  • Alcohol/tobacco/medicines/drugs/poisonous goods
  • High capacity batteries such as car batteries, generator batteries
  • Machinery parts containing oil, grease, fuel or batteries
  • Corrosive items (acids, chemicals), radioactive material
  • Indian postal articles such as stamps and articles like Coins, Banknotes, Currency notes, Sodexo or securities of any kind payable to bearer, traveller’s cheque, Gambling devices, lottery tickets. Cheques (except bearer cheques), demand drafts, credit cards and debit / ATM cards are acceptable for carriage by EKART Courier
  • Pornographic material
  • Passport
  • Dry ice used for packaging or temperature control

Certain items due to their nature cannot be carried on airplanes. This limits the mode of transportation to road and rail. Consequently, there are limits to how fast we can deliver such items. If you attempt to courier such items, then our wishmaster will inform you at the time of pick-up, and offer to downgrade the speed (and rate!)

The broad list of items that cannot be shipped via our Prime and Overnight Delivery Services are indicated below:

  • Battery and Battery powered Mobile, laptop, peripherals, computer accessories, power bank, power outputs
  • Toys containing small batteries such as AAA batteries, AA batteries
  • Watches, calculators containing pencil batteries
  • Any Beauty products, Pastes/ Gels and Powders such as car cleaning products, binding products, balms, lotions, talcum, detergents etc
  • Action figures and Toy weapon: If a toy is action figure and has shape of gun, blaster (holi toys), knives, swords etc.
  • Sharp edge and Gardening tools: Tools, kitchen cutlery, knives, screw drivers, scissors, sheet cutters etc.
  • Magnetic products: Magnetic boards, chess sets, dart board, speakers, routers
  • Any Cleaning products acid based or non-acid based for household cleaning, industrial cleaning, vehicle cleaning, laboratory equipments
  • Product/ Equipments used for laboratory and research purpose

Of course, per the Terms of Use (TOU), we reserve the final right to accept or reject a courier without attributing any reason whatsoever.

Should you wish to pursue this topic in substantially more detail, we recommend a thorough review of the following material:

If you still have any further questions, you may address them to our customer support team.